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Delivering onsite energy savings with no debt or investment required. Onsite Utility Services (OUS) Capital provides energy upgrades and savings as a service to large and small energy users alike. Through our Energy-as-a-Service platform, we design, invest, procure, install, and maintain onsite energy efficiency retrofits and distributed generation systems on behalf of our customers; providing them energy savings and improved cash flow from day one while freeing their capital to be invested back into their own businesses and institutions.

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Our team of nationwide partners engineer, procure, and manage the installation of energy efficiency solutions and onsite generation systems that deliver savings to you. Solutions consist of state of the art technology and are unique to your energy profile, your current technology, existing and projected energy use and cost, and your short and long term business goals. Solutions include LED lighting upgrades, cogeneration equipment, water and sewer improvements – basically any technology that saves you money.


Our energy solutions are structured so that your business can get the energy improvements you desire, without having to invest your own capital or borrow additional funds from a lender. This frees you to invest your capital where you truly desire, back into growing your business, while keeping your balance sheet clean as well. And all the while, you still save on your energy costs, improving your cash flow and increasing profitability.

Getting Started

Execute a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) authorizing OUS Capital to perform an energy audit and conduct financial modeling of energy solutions designed to integrate with your business goals and existing utility rate and tariffs.

OUS Capital work with your business and facility managers to optimize the solution for energy and capital improvement savings. This results in an Energy Services Agreement which describes the terms and conditions and payment details. Payments are always equal to or less than the energy and maintenance savings, ensuring that you will be cash flow positive on day one. And remember, you’ll never change another light fixture!

OUS Capital and our partners procure the equipment to complete your project and manage its construction and installation in a timely manner. You can choose your own contractor, or we can provide one from our stable of qualified and tested installers.

The project is completed and you begin seeing energy savings. OUS Capital will continue to own, operate, and maintain the solution throughout the term of the agreement taking the burden off of your staff and bank account.


OUS Capital invests in onsite utility solutions for both small and large organizations nationwide. Energy-as-a-Service solutions are ideal within these sectors as they lower operating costs, conserve capital, improve facility asset value, provide a competitive advantage, and avoid the accumulation of debt.

Markets Served

Available Solutions

Energy Efficiency

LED Lighting, Boiler Upgrades, Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), Refrigeration


Lighting Controls, HVAC Controls, Hotel Room Controls


Valves, Cooling Tower Upgrades, Leak Monitoring

Renewable Energy

Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Cogeneration

Energy Storage

Batteries, Ice Storage

Other Products

Ozone Laundry Services, Elevator Improvements

Partner With Us

OUS Capital partners with engineers, energy efficiency and management companies, energy product suppliers, contractors, energy brokers and consultants, municipal utilities, and financial institutions to deliver onsite energy solutions nationwide on a no debt basis.

Energy Brokers and Consultants

Energy Brokers and Consultants

Use Energy-as-a-Service to move stalled projects forward and to expand revenue opportunities with your existing customer base.

Energy Brokers and Consultants

Energy Efficiency Trade Allies

Use Energy-as-a-Service to move stalled projects forward and to expand revenue opportunities with your existing customer base.

Municipal Utilities

Municipal Utilities

Launch an Energy-as-a-Service program for your customers with our capital and share in the revenue. This is an excellent economic development tool, allowing local businesses and industry to use their capital to grow their businesses.


Product Manufacturers

Product Manufacturers

The marketplace for your product could be dramatically expanded by making it available through our Energy-as-a-Service platform as cash and budget constrained organizations become capable of utilizing your products.

Financial Partners

Expand into the Energy-as-a-Service market as a way to grow your portfolio in a fast growing marketplace. OUS Capital’s goal is to standardize the process to make transacting projects simple and straightforward in all size markets, thereby increasing volume and profitability for everyone.

Contact Us

Product Manufacturers
Product Manufacturers


(844) 768-7227

Product Manufacturers


770 N. Halsted
Suite 156
Chicago, IL 60642

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